July 29, 2005

I'm still here

Ok, sorry for the long absence. I was on vacation, then I was sick, and then I was just lazy.

Well, a quick follow-up to some topics I’ve mentioned earlier:

- I watched Batman Begins and it was fantastic! Everyone, go watch it right now!!!
- My Advent Rising fears came true. Disappointing. Lots of potential, but an extremely unpolished and buggy game. You can check my review here

I’m currently playing Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory and MVP 2005 for X-Box. Splinter Cell is great, with some amazing visuals. MVP 2005 is probably the best baseball game on the market right now and it looks absolutely sick in 720p!!!! Can’t wait to see what X-Box 360 titles look like in HD!

I also just recently subscribed to Netflix and it’s like crack!!! Any movie you want, delivered right to your door. I have a list of over 100 on my Queue and I just joined a few days ago! Bring them on!!!