June 26, 2007

DiRT & The Show

Damn Powerpuff, you trying to make me look bad with all these new posts of yours? You don't fool me, you will disappear and go back into hiding soon enough, leaving me all alone here in Blogville again.

In gaming news, I picked up DiRT last Friday. The game is alot of fun. Will post impressions soon.

I am also enjoying MLB 07: The Show for the PS3. My first PS3 game purchase after almost five months of console ownership! Heedoggy!

June 25, 2007

Baseball Fever

I have been a long time football fan, watching baseball on Tv as far as I am concerned it is as fun as watching the grass grow on my front lawn, but I have to say, the PSP version of MLB The Show impressed me and bite me with the baseball video game bug, I have never really tried a baseball video game. I soon realized it really is the perfect sport for video gaming, its pauses naturally, requires some strategy and it provides great one on one competition online, with the pitcher versus the batter scenario.
After playing The Show on the PSP I wanted some big screen baseball action so I rented 2k's MLB 07 yesterday while a friend of mine was over... The game was alot of fun, it did not have the overall polish that Sony's game has, but the graphics and animations were good enough. The pitching was system worked very well. It was pretty straight forward and had a metered system similar to the show. Batting was more difficult... The most difficult thing about the batting was not really the controls, but getting the timing down. The pitches are coming at you with various speeds I found my self swinging to early and way late at times. For the life of me I do not know why they do not have batting cages in a baseball game ?????? There are no dedicated practice modes for pitching or batting. If as a batter you have weakness with a certain type of pitch, you would like to set up a practice where that particular pitch is thrown to you over and over again to improve your batting. There are literally dozens of minigames that could have been created just around pitching and batting, besides homerun derby. The closest thing that they have for practice is setting up situations in a live game and homerun derby. I have not tried this mode, but I believe if your at bat it will still call strikes and outs, so you can not stay at bat just to practice.. My friend enjoyed the game so much that he is really now thinking of finally moving on from the xbox to the xbox360 to play over xbox live.

June 10, 2007

All-Pro 2K8 Trailer

The official trailer is out. See below.

I think the animation looks good, but I am a bit disappointed with the player models and general detail. Of course, that may change when viewed on my Hi-Def tv. We'll see . . .

June 08, 2007


This was posted in response to 2K announcing All Pro Football, I think we can all give a big AMEN....

THANK YOU GOD. Now maybe i will be able to get a quality football game. That is 140 bucks wasted on terrible games the last 2 years from EA. They really had us by the balls with no other football games and the lack of competition showed. MOST DISSAPOINTING GAMES EVER! From the terrible game play glitches, the fact that games from 10 years ago had more features. And what angered me the most is that the franchise mode is completely unplayable. (Got some old guys on your team no problem practice and they become 25. If your team needs Defensive ends your in luck because the first 15 picks are all DE's. And if you can get over those things Free agency and Brutal player progresion makes it completely impossible to play)

It sucks that 2k cant make a nfl game but atleast i will have a solid football game to buy.
I am NEVER buying a EA game again.


It is funny, I have read and re-read how people have been so disappointed with the PSP. Yet I see many good games available for this very powerful handheld media player. Is it perfect, no. I do think Sony has now realized instead of porting PS2 games and squeezing its controls onto the PSP, they need to make games for the PSP from the ground up, like the recently reviewed unique puzzle game Crush.
That being said the up and coming gaming titles for the rest of 2007 are looking solid. A major title that has been receiving good previews is God of War Chains of Olympus, graphically alone it is amazing what can be done on the PSP. The much acclaimed Syphon Filter Dark Mirror is finally getting a sequel, along with SOCOM. As fars as UMD movies go, if you shop carefully there are good deals to be had. Gamestop had UMD popular titles for $4.99, I personally picked up 3 movies, one which included 3 levels of Wipe Out Pure. Definitely a bargain. The movies and menus look top notch. No more boring waits at the doctors office or airports again. The one pet peeve I do have is the lack of Qwerty for inputing letters, why does Sony insist on keep that limited telephone type button entry on the PSP, that is an easy fix that should have been implemented long ago.
One potential problem for the PSP is the iPhone, I know what your saying wait a minute, thats a Mac cell phone. In all reality its a minicomputer multimedia center which can make not only make calls, but also has built in wifi. If Apple decides to make games specifically for the powerful iPhone it can provide Sony with yet another headache. Some one pass the Excedrin.

Many Things

Where to begin.... I have been playing Rainbow 6 Vegas online. Very fun game to play with friends and enemies. Kind of gotten burnt out a little on R6.. So on the multiplayer side I have fired up GRAW2 to play with friends. I am also trying to finish up some of the single player portion of my games. GRAW1 and GRAW2. Unfortunately with my ADD I end up playing a little PSP, PC and XBOX360 with out accomplishing much.
I finally viewed Spiderman 3...UGH.. What a soap Oprah give me a break. Lets see how many times spidey can hurt MJ. And the whole recreation of the John Travolta Saturday Night Fever sidewalk scene, if I had a blade I would have sliced my wrists right in the theater. Needles to say very disappointing. I am looking for to Pirates and more of Johnny Depp.